Training & Development

Training & Development

Fernandes Business Partners can years of experience to manage the Training & Development needs of your organization. Combined with the performance management system or a stand alone activity. Training & Development involves using the company’s financial resources to undertake a training and partnering with Fernandes Business Partners would result in using the resources to full efficiency and effectiveness by managing the Training & Development professional through Fernandes Business Partners approved training providers.

  • Manage organizations annual training budget
  • Identify employee Training & Development Needs
  • Organize and manage the activities,
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the Training undergone as return on investment to the organization
  • Organize cost effective group training sessions for the company
  • Tailor Trainings to company’s nature of business and requirements
  • Tested and high ranked training providers assessed by Fernandes Business Partners
  • Approved Training providers by Fernandes Business Partners.

Company Events & Team Building

Whether you would like to organize a simple outdoor picnic or a specific Team Building exercise relative to a particular department and specific activity, the experts at Fernandes Business Partners have years of experience to manage the best activities for your organization. In addition, Fernandes BP can manage the entire organization of the event saving you the administrator time and cost. Combination of different events can also be managed to bring in the right amount of fun with development activities required.

  • Management of generic company events & parties
  • Specifically tailored Team Building exercises for Departments
  • Combinations of activities to ensure a mix of development & fun from different providers
  • Management from Fernandes Business Partners professionals